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Storm Damage Restoration in
Tom's River, NJ

Every year, our contractors and project planners at Robison Roofing Services provide accurate storm damage assessment and repairs to hundreds of residents and business owners across Tom’s River.

Hurricanes and tornadoes cause millions of dollars of property damage annually from high winds, flying debris, and flash flood waters. Businesses and property managers still feel the long-term effects of Hurricane Ida, Sandy, and Tropical Storm Lee.

Whether your house or building sustains damage through snow, wind, or rain, Robison Roofing Services, Inc., is the business to call for high-quality and cost-efficient roof repairs. Call our Tom’s River storm damage restoration hotline at (610) 754-1202 for a consultation.

residential Storm Damage Restoration in Tom's River

Storm damage remediation for residential properties can be long and expensive if you hesitate to call an inspector the instant you suspect leaks or fungal spores emanating from your roof.

Water damage can be challenging to detect, so we recommend contacting a licensed contractor to check your house for cracked shingles, leaking window frames, and broken skylights after an adverse weather event.

When you call us for a home inspection, the first step in our work process is to document the storm damage on your gutters, roof, and exterior walls. Our photos will help you process an insurance claim, and our contractors will help your adjuster more accurately assess the cost of restoring your home.

Our Tom’s River storm damage experts can install emergency board-ups if you want to hold off for approval. These board-ups consist of synthetic and plywood materials that we can put on doors, windows, and air-conditioning vents to keep your house liveable after an adverse weather event.

When you give us the green light, we will remediate 100% of the damage to your shingles, frames, downspouts, and gutters in the fastest and most cost-efficient way possible.

Commercial Storm Damage Restoration in Tom's River

Thousands of people argue with insurance adjusters who will not accept that storm damage left unattended can result in sagging ceilings, mold-ridden attics, and foundations with water damage, which costs significantly more money to repair.

Shutting down an office building or commercial property to repair damage from flying debris and strong winds will entail production downtime. It often costs more than the professional fees for remediation services.

Research from the National Centers for Environmental Information reveals that the commercial sector of the United States suffered over $157.7 billion in storm-related losses from 2017 to 2021. If you suspect water damage in your commercial structure, do not wait until mold spores and other allergens become a health issue for your customers.

Our restoration experts at Robison Roofing Services, Inc. have decades of combined experience remediating storm damage on every type of commercial building imaginable. We have repaired apartment complexes, malls, condominiums, gazebos in parks, and more. Contact us today for speedy and high-quality commercial property repair.


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Our roofing technicians are licensed, insured, and highly trained to detect and remediate damage on wood shake, asphalt shingle, slate, clay tile, and flat rubber roofs.

Our repair experts are famous for getting the job done right the first time. We provide extensive warranties on our work, no matter the type of building or property we repair.
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Our technicians have long-standing relationships with roofing manufacturers, allowing us to purchase high-quality materials at factory rates.
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