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Storm Damage Restoration Services in Green Lane, PA

Emergency repair services

After a storm, it’s best to have a professional assess the aftermath and carry out storm damage restoration before another severe weather event hits.

At Robison Roofing Services, Inc., we’ve been providing storm restoration in Green Lane, PA, for over 20 years.

Our team consists of highly trained professionals committed to providing the most durable and cost-effective solutions for severe property damage.

Our restoration services include:

  • Roof Repair & Replacement
  • Siding Repair & Replacement
  • Gutter Repair & Cleanup
  • Skylight Replacement

Our goal is always to return your home to its pre-storm condition as soon as possible after wind damage and water damage due to natural disasters. We want to get you back on track to enjoy a comfortable, hazard-free living space. Contact our restoration professionals today by calling (610) 754-1202.

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When Should You Schedule Storm Damage Repair Services?

Your roof can withstand most wind and rain damage, but not all. After severe hail storms, hurricanes, or tornadoes, you may need to contact a professional for storm restoration.

If your roof has sustained any of the following, it’s best to call in roofing technicians from Robison Roofing Services, Inc., trained in weather damage restoration:

  • Lightning, debris, or other falling objects have hit your property
  • High winds from a hurricane or tornado have severely damaged your property
  • You have more than one layer of missing shingles due to a hail or snowstorm
  • You have large holes or cracks throughout your property due to hurricane damage
  • You have unexplained water leaks inside your home due to heavy rainfall
  • You have damaged siding and broken windows due to hurricane winds or tornadoes

Common Signs of Storm Damage

After a severe storm, you may not immediately notice damage to your roof. It’s important to remember that there may be some hidden damage.

Here’s a quick guide to help homeowners identify the common signs of storm damage on a property:

  • A damaged chimney due to hurricane winds
  • A leaky roof
  • Broken or cracked skylights
  • Damaged or torn siding
  • Damp spots on the interior of the ceiling or walls
  • Leaf and other debris buildup in your gutters and downspouts
  • Missing or damaged gutters and downspouts
  • Ponding water on your roof and/or in your attic
  • Cracks or holes on the roof, siding, and other parts of the property
  • Broken windows
  • Torn or missing shingles or tiles
  • Water stains on your roof’s exterior
As soon as you notice any of these signs, get in touch to formulate a restoration strategy.

Our Storm Damage Restoration Plan and Process

When you contact us, we’ll ask you about the damage and give you an estimate for the repair cost. We’ll then develop a plan for the repair process. Once you approve our proposal, we’ll immediately call a team of professionals to start delivering restoration services to restore your property. We aim to complete the job within 48 hours of the initial assessment.

Step 1: Assess the Damage

The first step in the storm restoration process is always to assess the situation and ensure that no further concerns or possible dangers are lurking around the property. Our experts will examine your roof, siding, and other structures closely to check for leaks or other issues that could lead to further damage if left unchecked.

Step 2: Begin Initial Cleanup

Once we're satisfied everything is safe, we can begin removing debris from your property using efficient equipment and the best safety practices.

Step 3: Restore Roofing Structures

After this initial cleanup, we carry out hurricane and wind damage roof restoration, gutter repair, shingle repair, and more to restore the damaged areas on your property. We work with insurance companies and clients to ensure everyone gets what they need during this time of distress. We can provide free quotations for our hurricane, tornado, and storm damage restoration services prior to commencement so that you know what to expect. We're confident our prices are competitive and will match any other quotes from storm damage restoration contractors in the area.

Why Trust Us with Storm Damage Restoration in Green Lane, PA?

At Robison Roofing Services, Inc., we’re here to help you get your home back to normal after a storm, hurricane, tornado, or other severe weather event. You can count on us for:

Professional Workmanship

We offer professional workmanship to all homeowners in Green Lane, PA, and beyond. This means we’ll go the extra mile when restoring your home to its pre-storm/hurricane condition. Our technicians commit to providing clients with quality service and exceptional results.

Prompt & Convenient Service
We know that you have a lot on your plate when dealing with the aftermath of storms or hurricanes. We’ll work hard to ensure that our services are affordable and easy for you to schedule.
Honest Written Estimates
Our team will always arrive on time and provide you with an accurate and honest estimate for the work in advance, ensuring that you stay within your budget.
Detailed Post-Restoration Reports
We provide full post-restoration reports so you can see what we did and why to repair the damage from hurricanes and other weather events. This way, if there are any problems later on or further repairs needed, you’ll know what to do right away.

Contact Us to Schedule Storm Damage Repair in Green Lane, PA

Have you been affected by recent storms or hurricanes? At Robison Roofing Services, Inc., we’re your trusted, local storm damage restoration company, ready to help homeowners repair the damage and restore the original condition of their property. Our roofing contractor team is available 24/7 for emergency repairs or damage assessment after a hurricane, snowstorm, hailstorm, or other weather events. We’ll even come out during our off hours if that works best for your schedule. We proudly serve our Green Lane, PA, community and commit to providing the best storm damage restoration services possible to all our customers. We hope you’ll allow us to show you why our customers rave about how responsive, attentive, timely, and thorough we are. Call us at (610) 754-1202 or fill out the contact form below to schedule storm damage restoration for your Green Lane, PA, property. We look forward to helping you.