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Commercial Roof Repairs in Green Lane, PA

Your Trusted Company for Commercial Roof Repair and Maintenance

Are you a commercial property owner looking for commercial roof repairs in Green Lane, PA? Call Robison Roofing Services Inc. and enjoy lasting solutions to your roofing concerns.

As hard as you might try to avoid them, roof repairs are inevitable. Routine wear and tear, storm damage, and other issues cause damages that wreak havoc on your property’s roofing system.

Our team proudly provides the professional repairs you need to maintain your roof.

Common Commercial Roof Repairs We Handle

Your business roofing can develop many issues, but some are more common than others. Our contractors handle these common commercial roof repairs:
Roof leaks are the most common roofing issue. Ice, snow, hail, and other debris can damage your roof’s surface, causing cracks and holes. Cracks allow moisture to seep under your roof’s layers. Without repairs and maintenance, mold, water stains, musty odors, and puddles can form inside commercial buildings.
Blistering Shingles
Blistered, damaged shingles can leave your roofing vulnerable to severe damage that could require a complete roof replacement.
Hail storms and other debris can create punctures, requiring roof repair. In extreme cases, these punctures can ruin your roof’s structural integrity.
Your roof’s waterproof membrane layer can shrink, cracking the upper layers. The sooner we resolve this issue, the less extensive the commercial roof repair will be. If you put off calling for repair, you may need to invest in new roof installation instead of minor repairs.
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How to Know When Your Roofing Needs Repair

Even with proper commercial roof maintenance, most repairs are impossible to avoid. As a commercial property owner, several warning signs can help you know when to contact a roofing contractor.
Damaged Membrane

Urgent repair is necessary if your roof’s top layer is flaking, peeling away, or showing other signs of damage. This damage can easily let water and moisture seep into the seams and membrane. In extreme cases, it can put the rest of your commercial property at risk. Our roofers can repair the damaged roof materials and perform maintenance service to keep roofs secure and leak-free.

Areas of Pooling Water
Do you see spots on your roof where water pools? This sign often points to poor drainage or damaged gutters. Sometimes, it can signify a more severe underlying issue. Without prompt repairs from a roofing contractor, the pooling water can cause leaks, rust, and rot. Sometimes, the extra weight it places on a roof can cause its collapse.
High Energy Bills
Roofing systems are often the first place from which cold and heat will escape. Failing roofing systems will lead to a sudden increase in heating and cooling bills. This increase occurs because your HVAC system has to work harder to moderate the building’s temperatures.
Blistering Roof Surface
Blisters or bald patches on your roof’s surface are usually due to heat, humidity, and extended exposure. These blisters can allow moisture to seep underneath your roofing and can cause severe damage to its structure.

What to Expect with Commercial Roof Repair

Commercial roof repair can be frustrating for many property owners because it often results in downtime that most businesses can’t afford. However, your commercial roof repair doesn’t need to cause you concern. At Robison Roofing Services Inc., our roof repair contractors implement streamlined processes that allow us to offer the prompt service you need with minimal disruptions. Here’s what to expect from our roof repair service.


Before repairing the roofing, our roofing contractors will begin by inspecting the interior and exterior of your building to understand the extent of the damage. We'll check for signs of water damage and areas that show breaks in the roofing. The length of our interior inspection will depend on the size of your building. After inspecting the interior, we will inspect your roofing system from the outside. We'll ask you when you last had maintenance and how old your installation is to get a sense of the commercial roofing repairs you may need.


Once we thoroughly evaluate your roof, we will provide you with an estimate of the roof repair job. The estimate will include the cost of roofing material and labor needed to complete the job. We will also provide details about your roof's condition, the repairs we recommend, and the project timeline. The timeline can change depending on various factors, like weather conditions and your business's demands. However, we will work hard to deliver timely service and avoid disrupting your company's workflow.

Roof Repair

With your approval, our experienced team will carry on with the roof repair service with the necessary materials. Our roofing contractors will keep you informed every step of the way, updating you on any changes that might occur during installation.

Final Inspection

Once we finish the job, we will inspect the repairs to ensure that they satisfy your expectations. We will also offer tips to maintain your repaired roof and provide a maintenance schedule for best results.

Professional Commercial Roofing Contractor in Green Lane, PA

You may not think about your roof often, but roofing systems are essential to the continued operation of your building. Our specialized contractors are always on hand to help limit these risks and extend the life of your roof with commercial roof repair. We have the industry experience, high-quality materials, and expertise to resolve your roofing concerns. Whether you have a flat roof, metal roofing, or something in between, we offer lasting repair and maintenance solutions. We can even install a new roof on your building if the problem is too severe to repair. Contact Robison Roofing Services Inc. at (610) 754-1202 to get your quote for commercial roof repairs in Green Lane, PA.