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Taking the Roof-beaten Path: A Light-Humored Spin on Residential Storm Damage Restoration Tips!

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On a Lighter Side of the Shingle: The Facts Surrounding Storm Damage Repair

Roofs truly have a tough job, considering their purpose is essentially being a meteorological punching bag. They bear the brunt of the harsh weather elements, safeguarding us as we dispense motherly wisdom to not open the refrigerator so often or groan about the heating bill. In 2019, severe weather caused over $5 billion in residential storm damage in the United States, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. So let’s not beat around the bushes (or the gutter), but dive straight into this light-hearted guide to restoration that’ll walk you through navigating residential storm damage restoration without so much as a roofing nail out of place.

The Windy Paved Road to Home Restoration Services

Ever heard the saying, “It’s raining cats and dogs… and shingles?” Probably not, and for good reason because it makes no sense. However, if it were, you wouldn’t simply sweep up Fido and Whiskers, would you? You’d treat them like royalty… or at least pretend to for your kids’ sake. The same goes with your storm-beaten roof.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, wind and hail damage topped the list of insurance claims filed between 2014-2018. These mainly involved residential storm damage restoration. So, when windy weather plays a rough game with your roof, it’s wise to get well-versed with insurance paperwork, ensuring it gets the royal treatment it deserves.

Emergency Weather Recovery: Don’t Forget your Umbrellas… and Contractors!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s… your barbecue grill flying across the yard. Storms can wreak havoc, leaving a trail of destruction and an immediate need for emergency weather recovery. Jokes aside, this isn’t a time for handymen or weekend warriors. Professional hammers are required to nail down these complex jobs.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) warns that failing to properly execute a residential storm damage restoration can decrease the property’s worth by up to a gut-wrenching 25%. Now that’s no laughing matter.

Roofing Repairs Tips: A Stitch in Time Saves “Roof” Rhymes

Roofs are like teeth; ignore a small cavity today, it might require a root canal tomorrow. Here are some roofing repair tips from the pros at Robison Roofing: inspect your roof regularly; fix small breaks or leaks immediately; and replace missing or broken shingles promptly. By performing these regular check-ups, you can avoid a significant “roof-ache.”

Storm-Related Home Damage Fixes: Because Every Cloud Should Have a Silver Lining

A storm-lost roof can mean a pot of gold if you approach your home damage fixes cleverly. Restoring and replacing the damaged parts can give your home a mini-makeover. Think new roof color or even upgrading to energy-efficient roof options. Taking the green (or roof) path can lead to a gold (or house) value increment.

Weather Damage Prevention Advice – Forewarned, Four-Walled

While we don’t have a trick to control the weather (yet), we do have pointers to reduce its impact on your haven. These include trimming tree branches, maintaining gutters, investing in storm shutters for windows, and securing loose outdoor objects before a storm.


1) How do we prevent common storm damages?

Invest in weather damage prevention measures and regular roof inspections.

2) How to choose residential storm damage restoration services?

Opt for professional and licensed contractors with a proven track record.

3) What to do after a storm hit?

Ensure safety, document damage for insurance purposes, and begin restoration ASAP.

A Light-hearted Note to Wind Up

By the end of this chuckle-fueled journey, you’re savvier about residential storm damage restoration, and our purpose here has been served, with the precision of a perfectly hammered roofing nail (pun intended). Storms are inevitable, the damage they cause shouldn’t have to be. Play it safe, secure your sanctuary, and hire the best when the worst happens.

From Robison Roofing, in Green Lane, PA, our only ‘axe to grind’ is with the storm. We ensure repairing your home’s storm damage is easier and more efficient than ever, with a dash of humor to lighten the situation. Now, if only we could get a laugh out of those stern-faced clouds…

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Table of Contents

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